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Developer Wants to Build Over 700 Housing Units Next to Otay Landfill

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The city of Chula Vista is considering rezoning an area currently available for industrial use, in order to add more than 700 housing units near a landfill, but nearby residents say that’s a bad idea for traffic.

The 54-acre plot of land is currently zoned for industrial use, but landowner ACI Sunbow LLC is proposing that space be turned into a residential development with up to 725 housing units along with 8 acres of commercial office space.

“We figured small house, low maintenance!” said nearby resident Reyes Topete who is now retired and said he enjoys his community as it is now.

Along heritage road in Chula Vista, the sights and sounds of another newly developed community were still present, the roadwork not quite finished.

City of Chula Vista

“We did our research and we figured you know. We have the clubhouse. The Mexican border is right down the road here. I go to Mexico almost every day," Topete said.

The biggest drawback, he said, is the traffic because the roads are still a work in progress and the traffic from the amphitheater can be brutal. He said he is not happy at the possibility of adding 700 more homes to the mix.

“150 homes... 200 homes maybe. But I am looking at the map thinking, where are they going to fit 700 homes. It makes no sense,” he said.

The city of Chula Vista said the application for project review has not yet been submitted and no project has been approved by the city.

However, the city would have a lot to gain from approving it. 

According to city council documents, the proposed agreement would provide $8 million in Job Enhancement Funds for increased employment opportunities in academic, institutional, and innovation-related businesses and approximately $15 million in Park Benefit Fees, funds for parks and recreation projects.

Reyes said he plans to tell all his neighbors about the upcoming plan and hopefully they can fight this project in the public hearing stage.

There was no mention of how the smell from the landfill could be a problem.

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