Detectives Narrow Scope of May Firestorm Investigation

 Fire officials charged with finding the causes of May’s disastrous firestorm are narrowing their investigation by eliminating leads one by one.

Investigators are keeping sensitive details to themselves, but they seem to be spending this week focused on eyewitness accounts and photographs.

A Carlsbad detective in charge of the Poinsettia Fire investigation told NBC 7 he has interviewed 20 people, though none of them are considered suspects or even persons of interest. Instead, he is hoping to discover what they may know about the fire’s start.

Investigators now know many of the rumors circulating early on were inaccurate.

Specifically, the detective talked about a report that a golfer in a red, electric cart supposedly sped away from flames near the course. He said that proved to be a false lead.

Residents in the neighborhood of Washingtonia and Cocos drives say arson investigators are focusing on four fires that simultaneously burned around 3:30 p.m. Wednesday, not far from their homes.

Now, NCIS and members of U.S. Forestry have joined the arson task force to help investigate the Camp Pendleton fires.

And still, more tips are coming into the multi-agency task force. As of Wednesday, 40 tips came through Crime Stoppers.

The volume of tips has trickled down to about two to four a day, investigators say.

No matter how meaningless information may seem, officials recommend telling investigators. Even the smallest tip could help them solve the mystery.

Earlier this week, two NBC 7 viewers showed their fire pictures now being used in the investigation.

Remember, you can leave information anonymously at Crime Stoppers by calling 888-580-8477.

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