Design Your Own Yearbook

It's one of the biggest pet peeves when school yearbooks start coming out: Where is your picture?

"You want a representation of all of the kids, and you don't always get that," said principal Dunya Shaw of Our Savior's Lutheran School in San Clemente

That's why Shaw made a change this year and produced the school's yearbook through Tree Ring. The online site not only helps the school print out its annual yearbook but  also allows parents to make customized pages.

"The parent goes in there online ...  and is able to add their own photos to the school book," said Tree Ring's Aaron Greco. 

Greco said that most of the pages in the book are the same for every student -- including class and staff pictures -- but the last pages of the yearbook are saved for individual students.

"So you can capture your own clubs, your own friends, your own trips," Greco said. "All those memories can be in your yearbook."

"You flip through a yearbook, and the first thing you do is try to find a photo of yourself," said Jennifer Conovoer, a mother of three daughters.

Conover created individual pages for each of her daughter's yearbooks. 

"Now they're going to be able to flip to their pages and see all of the photos of themselves," Conover said.

Tree Ring has an easy drag-and-drop system for parents to add photos. They can choose the background and design from the website, and upload pictures of their children. The yearbook site provides for four free pages but charges a small fee for additional pages. The 68-page yearbook costs $20.

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