Deputies: Investigation Almost Complete in Vista Deputy-Involved Shooting

The autopsy report showed that Sergio Weick died of 18 gunshot wounds.

San Diego County Sheriff's homicide detectives said Wednesday that they are close to completing an investigation into the death of a man shot 18 times in a confrontation with deputies two months ago.

SDSO said they have received official autopsy results on the cause of death for Sergio Weick, 33. Detectives plan to hand the investigation over to the San Diego County District Attorney’s office for review by mid-November.

The autopsy report released Friday stated Weick's body showed “27 separate wounds, consistent with 18 multiple penetrating and perforating gunshot wounds to the head, torso and extremities.”

Deputies say Weick was a known gang member and had a warrant out for his arrest when they spotted him outside of a home in Vista on August 11.

The sighting soon led to a short car chase through Vista and then a car crash.

According to the newly released medical examiner report, one deputy followed Weick on foot while another detained a passenger who was in his car.

The foot chase ended when deputies Peter Myers and Christopher Villanueva caught up to Weick standing near some bushes.

Deputies shot Weick on the left side of his body when they say he reached for his waist and “appeared to reach for a weapon." Weick collapsed and deputies handcuffed him.

Family members argue the shooting was not justified and have called for justice.

Investigators say Weick had shotgun shells and knives on him. They later found a sawed-off shotgun, knives and drug paraphernalia in his car.

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