Child Support Payment Option Now Available at 7-Eleven

The "PayNearMe" service at participating 7-Eleven stores accepts cash child support payments

Child support payments can now be made at some 7-Eleven stores in San Diego County, the Department of Child Support Services announced this week.

In its latest effort to help parents provide for their children and make the child support payment process more convenient, the department is now offering a new service at participating local 7-Eleven stores, found on this map.

Here’s how the “PayNearMe” service works: customers are given a personal “PayCode” to use when they visit a 7-Eleven. They then give their code to a cashier, along with the cash payment. The cashier scans the code, accepts the cash and hands the customer a receipt as proof of payment. The biller will be notified immediately thereafter.

The “PayNearMe” service charges a $1.99 fee per transaction and payments could take up to three days to post, the Department of Child Support Services says.

This is the second cash payment option offered this year to parents in San Diego paying child support. In January, the department introduced the “MoneyGram” cash payment service option available at various retail chain stores, including Walmart and grocery stores.

Since January, the Department of Child Support Services says it has collected more than $2.4 million in 9,000 cash payment transactions with MoneyGram across California.

The department is hoping for the same success with the PayNearMe 7-Eleven option.

“Supporting their children is the responsibility of every parent. Making it easier and more convenient for parents is our responsibility,” said Alisha Griffin, Director of the California Department of Child Support Services. “Now with the two cash pay services in retail stores throughout the state, we are helping even more customers where they live and work.”

Of course, cash payments are still also accepted in person at some local child support offices. Credit card, check and money order payments can be made online, by phone and by mail, too. There are no fees charged to make payments this way.

For more details on all payment options, visit the California Department of Child Support Services website, or call (866) 901-3212.

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