Dense Fog Grounds Flights

Things were getting back on track at Lindbergh Field Sunday morning after dense fog spelled trouble for travelers, airport officials said.

The fog rolled into San Diego Saturday night causing dozens of flights at Lindbergh Field to be delayed or canceled.  Southwest airlines was hit hard, nearly all of the airlines’ flights departing from San Diego were canceled.  Flights already in the air, were diverted to places like Las Vegas and Phoenix others never left the ground.

Terminal one at San Diego’s Lindbergh Field was a ghost town by 9 p.m. 

There are many factors that determine whether a flight is able to take off or land, an employee with Southwest Airlines said.  Certain aircraft are better equipped to fly in low-visibility.  Also, when the airport issues a fog warning the individual pilots are able to weigh-in on the situation.

Airline officials said if you have plans to travel, check your flight before leaving for the airport.  They said they'll have to shuffle things around Sunday to get arrivals and departures back on track and that could mean more headaches for air travelers.

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