Tom DeLonge UFO Emails Part of Wikileaks Email Dump: Report

Wikileaks releases emails from DeLonge about UFOs

The truth is out there -- and maybe Tom DeLonge is, too. Sure, we all knew the former Blink-182 lead singer has a well-documented ET love affair (look no further than "Aliens Exist" on the band’s LP "Enema of the State" or our recent report on DeLonge), but new emails released by Wikileaks earlier suggest  eLonge may be even more in the know that we knew -- and is inviting Hillary Clinton’s campaign team to the UFO party.

The emails show that DeLonge contacted the presidential candidate’s campaign chairman, John Podesta, at least twice about the government’s disclosure of UFOs, reports the "Wall Street Journal." The paper reports that in one, DeLonge refers to their shared intergalactic interest as "our sensitive topic" and suggests that there are two high-ranking people that Podesta should meet who are intimate with the subject.

"I think you will find them very interesting, as they were principal leadership relating to our sensitive topic. Both were in charge of most fragile divisions, as it relates to Classified Science and DOD topics,” the "Journal" says DeLonge wrote in the 2015 email. In an email from the following year, DeLonge claims to be working with a former military official, according to the report.

The emails are on brand for DeLonge, who last year formed Sekret Machines, a project focused on the paranormal that includes fiction, nonfiction, documentary and music. But Podesta? Yeah, he’s practically drowning in that particular flavor of Kool-Aid, too.

The long-time government affiliate (he served at high levels in both the Clinton and Obama administrations) hasn’t exactly shied away from discussions of unidentified flying objects. According to the "WSJ," he’s long supported government disclosure of classified files regarding UFOs, and he tweeted last year that his biggest failure, in regards to leaving the Obama administration, was not securing the disclosure of such files.

It isn’t clear whether Podesta responded to the leaked emails, but they do show that he took part in a documentary that DeLonge is producing, according to the paper. While neither Podesta or DeLonge has commented directly, the WSJ reports that a spokesman for the Clinton campaign responded to the leaked emails by ignoring questions about UFOs and instead focused on Russian hackers’ determination to help Donald Trump win the upcoming election -- proving that it truly is a strange galaxy we live in.

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