Holiday Season

Delivery Recipients Hope to Inspire Thank You Basket Magic

The latest trend taking over social media: Showing appreciation for some of the holiday season's hardest working people

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A trending act of kindness seems to be spreading door-to-door in San Diego communities and beyond, reminding us all once again that it is better to give than to receive.

The trend is growing on the heels of a viral video showing an Amazon delivery driver breaking into dance after finding a thank you note and snacks left for him on a front doorstep.

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The video has been viewed by millions on social media, and delivery recipients have been trying to recreate that joy ever since.

Community groups on Facebook and the NextDoor app have been buzzing with posts of people sharing photos of their very own snack table set-up. Chula Vista resident Laura Steffen, an administrator of a group with thousands of followers, shared a photo of her table. It’s set right in front of her Ring doorbell and is filled with snacks and beverages, along with a framed thank you note.

"I keep checking my camera hoping something fun happens," said Steffen. "So, I order a lot of stuff online for the holidays and -- all year, actually -- and my delivery drivers kind of become an extension of our family. So I thought what a better way to give back to them on a daily basis when most people are being rude and mean and cutting them off in traffic. And they’re working long hours."

Steffen told NBC 7 she even got a note back from one of her deliveries.

"He put on there, ‘Thank you so much for the goodies. You made my day,’" Steffen said.

From Chula Vista to Scripps Ranch, more and more people are spreading the holiday cheer on social media, likely inspiring others, like Melanie Romano, to do the same.

"Because we are grateful for their hard work and, you know, I mean we appreciate our packages," said Romano.

It’s two-fold for Romano, as her son Dominic is a UPS driver. Romano told NBC 7 her son has been receiving tips and has come across a few goodie baskets on his route.

"Honking at him, telling him thank you. So yeah, it’s hard work," said Romano.

That kindness inspired her to set up her own goodie basket.

"There's candy, chips, cookies, lollipops, granola bars," Romano said.

It’s her way of showing appreciation for some of the hardest working people during the holiday season.

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