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Del Mar Vaccination Superstation Reopens as Other Sites Close

As more people become eligible to receive a vaccine, supply chain shortages make the realities of actually getting one a frustrating experience

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Hundreds of cars filed in and out of the Del Mar Superstation late Sunday morning. The site - run by Scripps Health - was one of two sites to announce a one-day closure due to a vaccine shortage. This, after shortages, shut down the UC San Diego vaccination superstation at Petco Park for several weekends.

But while the Del Mar superstation reopened Sunday, Supervisor Nora Vargas tweeted new temporary closures, the rec center in Vista, Border View YMCA, and Lemon Grove Community Center.      

Still - folks NBC 7 spoke with at Del Mar - were in good spirits.

“Feels good it was easy,” says Jordanna Rubin, an emergency services worker.

“I don’t see how this could be any better,” says John McCoy, a community college teacher. “This was really masterfully organized I would say.”

And community college teacher John McCoy both just got their first dose of the Pfizer vaccine. But both admit it wasn't easy getting an appointment.

“It took me two weeks of tracking and following to find an appointment,” said Rubin. “But once I saw some openings I got it and it worked out.”

 “Every other time I tried it, it acted like the site wasn’t working,” said McCoy. “I would get an error message, or it would just say there were zero appointments available. It’s just hit and miss. I do feel kinda sorry for older people who are not as comfortable with computers. It might be pretty frustrating.”

Rubin says despite that frustration, the vaccine is well worth it.

“It’s just a matter of patience,” says Rubin. “You know it takes time, and everybody is doing their best, I know the county is working hard to get the vaccines in, to get them distributed.

The Border View YMCA vaccination site will reopen Tuesday, March 9. No word on when Lemon Grove or Vista will reopen.

On Sunday, the San Diego Fire-Rescue Department tweeted saying they are now scheduling appointments March 9 through 12 for those eligible to receive the vaccine.

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