Betting On New Gambling Site

The stands at the Del Mar Racetrack are almost ready for horse racing fans.  But now, racing fans don't necessarily have to go to the track to place their bets.  They can just log on to a computer.

Del Mar Thoroughbred Club Executive V.P. said the club is putting its “own private label internet site together called  And the reason we're doing it is to try and learn the business a little better at that end of it."

The horse racing business is not much different from any other business trying to survive in challenging economic times.

"Clearly, every business is trying to leverage their existing assets and find unique and new ways to deliver their product to customers and make some money off of it and we're no different from them," Fravel said.

A 2006 federal law did put an end to most kinds of online gambling.  But a few things are exempt.

"Horse racing's actually the only sport or gambling enterprise that's legal on the internet," according to Fravel.

Still, Fravel doesn’t expect the new website will replace a trip to the track for most San Diegans.

"The online stuff is more for the people up in Los Angels or San Francisco or Kuala Lumpur for that matter.   We still think it's more fun to come out to the racetrack and see the horses and the people," he said.

Opening Day at Del Mar is Wednesday, July 22nd.

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