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Del Mar Residents Prepare For KAABOO Traffic Increase

Headline acts like Katy Perry and the Foo Fighters are bringing thousands into town

Organizers of the three-day North County music festival, KAABOO, are expecting a bigger turn out than ever with headline acts like Katy Perry, Earth, Wind and Fire, the Foo Fighters and Imagine Dragons. 

For the first time in the festival's four-year history, tickets have sold out, organizers said Wednesday.

With an influx of people coming to Del Mar, people in the area are bracing for an increase in cars.

Workers in the shopping plazas across the way from the fairgrounds feel the impacts of the traffic heavily each year. 

“Coming to work and leaving here is a pain,” said Vince Hose, who works at Milton’s Deli across from the fairgrounds. “The people from KAABOO park in here and they don’t drive safe. There’s a lot of out of control people here.” 

Others who work in the area said with concerts and fairs in the area year-round, they already have a system down to avoid the traffic. 

"I change the way I drive," said Connor Novy, who works at the Whole Foods nearby off of Via De La Valle. "Take a different way to work and avoid the traffic.”   

And for those who live in the area, avoiding getting in the car altogether is a chosen alternative.

“I’ll just ride my bicycle if I need to get anywhere,” said Stephen Celis, who lives near the fairgrounds. “You just have to be careful that the drivers aren’t going to whack you.” 

Despite a shooting that happened at an Ice Cube concert just a few weeks before at the same venue, most neighbors said they are not worried about security, adding that was an unusual event. 

But KAABOO attendee, Eric Li, said he will be more alert and attentive at the festival Friday. 

“I’ll probably be a little more vigilant than I normally would,” said Li. “I’ll keep my eyes out and make sure nothing looks weird and just be more aware.” 

Some pedestrians suggested Thursday hiring more security to make the people attending KAABOO feel safe.  

"Maybe a higher police presence would make people more comfortable and deter people from trying something like that," added Novy. 

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