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Del Mar Man Posing as Plastic Surgeon Charged With Sexual Battery: DA

A Del Mar man posing as a plastic surgeon is charged with sexual battery, according to the District Attorney's Office.

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The District Attorney's office said there may be more women sexually abused by a Del Mar man posing as a plastic surgeon, and the office is hoping those women come forward.

Dario Moscoso, 67, is charged with nine criminal counts including two felony counts of sexual battery "while representing that the touching served a professional purpose," the DA said.

The alleged sexual battery took place at Del Mar Cosmetic Contouring Surgery Center in Del Mar.

The criminal case follows a civil lawsuit filed in July 2019 by a woman who says she was victimized by Moscoso in November 2017.

Jessica Pride, the attorney representing the woman who filed the suit, said her client wanted to get a consultation about possibly having a butt lift, liposuction, and fat transferred to her breasts and buttocks.

Pride said her client thought the doctor was giving her the consultation, only to find out later, it was the office manager.

"Dario performed a full-body exam on her, he had her undress, he touched her breasts with his bare hands, he touched her body with his bare hands, he had her stand there naked without a female chaperone in the room," Pride told NBC 7.

The civil suit names Moscoso, Doctor Gerald Lane Schneider, and the parenting company and businesses associated with them. It alleges sexual battery, negligent supervision, negligent misrepresentation.

The suit points to Moscoso's Instagram page which has the words plastic surgeon under his picture.

"Defendants allowed Moscoso to pose as a surgeon during consultations and on his Instagram page, knowing he is not licensed," Pride said.

Pride said her client came forward after getting a second consultation at another plastic surgeon's office. There were two female chaperones present during the consultation, and she was given a gown to cover her body. She then realized what happened to her was not right.

"My client is so happy. She is elated. She is so happy Dario is going to be stopped. She is worried it happened to other women and she wants to stop him and is thankful to the District Attorney's office for the support and for filing charges."

Jessica Pride

Moscoso did not answer his door at his home for comment Monday.

The attorneys who say they represent Dr. Schneider in the civil suit said: "He denies he did anything wrong, as he never saw or treated this patient, and the lawsuit is a misguided effort against him."

If convicted, Moscoso could face nine years in prison.

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