Del Mar Cliff Collapse Delays Train Service

One-hour delays are expected for the rest of the day due to train traffic and speed restrictions

Coaster and Amtrak trains were delayed Wednesday afternoon after a reported cliff collapse between Del Mar and Solana Beach forced the tracks to close for a period of time, according to North County Transit.

A portion of the ocean front bluffs in Del Mar collapsed onto the beach. It happened around 3:30 p.m. Wednesday at 11th Street in Del Mar. 

Jack Jaeger has lived in the area for 37 years, he said he is not surprised. 

"I won't walk on certain parts of the bluff anymore because I can see fissures," Jaeger said. 

Train service was briefly stopped between Solana Beach Station & Sorrento Valley Station after 4 p.m. Wednesday but was later reopened. Buses connected passengers between the stops. 

One-hour delays were expected for the rest of the day due to train traffic and speed restrictions in the area. 

By Thursday, engineers ordered restricted speeds so trains moved slower in the area. 

A local geologist said this bluff collapse is a warning of more collapses to come.

 "Once gravity has pulled this mass down and its fallen onto the beach, that means the rock behind has now lost part of its support," said Pat Abbott, a geologist. 

The cliff collapse could be a result of water run-off from people watering their yards or non-native plants, like ice plant, which can lead to faster bluff erosion, Abbott added. 

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