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‘Definitely Happy Tears': Family of Padres No-Hit Hero Joe Musgrove Share What It Was Like Watching History

San Diego Padres pitcher Joe Musgrove grew up in El Cajon, his family was watching the no-hitter together, his sister Marisa shared with NBC 7 what it was like inside the Musgrove home as history was made

While San Diego Padre pitcher Joe Musgrove neared no-hit history in Arlington, Texas, his family huddled together over 1,100 miles away in San Diego.

"Everyone was holding hands, everyone saw what was coming, but no one wanted to say it out loud," Marisa Musgrove said about the moments before her brother Joe threw the first no-hitter in San Diego Padres history.

Marisa, her sister Terra and parents Mark and Diane were watching the game on television inside the family home, while a few neighbors gathered on the porch.

And as soon as Musgrove recorded the final out to secure history, the Musgrove family celebrated as you'd expect.

"Everybody just screamed and jumped, we were hugging each other, there were a lot of tears, definitely happy tears!"

After 6th innings of no-hit pitching, Marisa says she started to get an idea that this might be an historic night for her brother, at the time telling her family, "he's not coming out, this might it, he might finish this off!"

After the family celebrated and Joe finished his media obligations, the Musgrove family had the chance to talk with Joe.

"He wanted to know if grandma had been able to watch the game?"

Marisa says their grandma is turning 93 this summer and that one of the first things Joe asked them was "Did Ma get to watch? Did she see the game?"

Marisa says she still can't believe that her 28 year old brother is now the face of one of the greatest moments in Padre franchise history.

"It's incredible that he is so very young in his career and has reached such an incredible milestone. Doing something that is a first for this city and it's something that is going to be remembered for a very long time."

Pretty "Pitch Perfect" for a kid who grew in El Cajon with baseball front and center of his young life.

"He's loved [baseball] since he was in diapers! You know this is the only thing he's really ever wanted to do. So to see him do it and do it here at home is the best we can ask for for him."

The fact that the first Padre to pitch a no-hitter is a player who grew up in San Diego is a storybook scenario for a franchise that hasn't had many memorable moments. It's also fitting because Joe Musgrove is San Diego strong to the core.

"He has a lot pride in this city and he is very proud to be from San Diego, he loves this city and it means a lot."

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