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Expert Says DNA Evidence Supports Zahau Suicide Finding

The jury that will decide if Rebecca Zahau killed herself or was murdered by her millionaire boyfriend’s brother heard more evidence today supporting the suicide theory.

Dr. Gregory James Davis told jurors that DNA taken from ropes and knots found on Zahau’s body helps confirm the county medical examiner’s conclusion that Zahau committed suicide by hanging.

Davis was an expert witness for the defense in a wrongful death lawsuit filed by Zahau’s family.

Her family does not believe that Zahau, whose boyfriend at the time of her death, Jonah Shacknai, was a wealthy investor, hung herself in a Coronado mansion in July, 2011.

They insist that the boyfriend’s brother, Adam Shacknai, murdered her, and are suing Shacknai in civil court.

Shacknai’s attorney asked Davis if he knew that Zahau’s DNA was found on a knot and on other portions of the rope which she allegedly used to kill herself.

Defense attorney Dan Webb also asked Davis if he was aware that no DNA from Adam Shacknai was found on that rope.

“The fact that her DNA is on that knot, did you at least consider that was consistent with your view that this was a suicide?” Webb asked Davis.

“Yes sir,” Davis responded.

Davis was the final witness presented by the defense, so testimony in the trial is now complete.

The judge scheduled closing arguments for Monday, April 2.

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