1 Killed in Suspected DUI Street Racing Crash

Two suspected DUI drivers were allegedly street racing in Chula Vista in the early hours of Oct. 8. One driver lost control and plowed into trees in a center median on East H Street. A passenger in the backseat of that car was killed.

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NBC 7 San Diego
Witnesses said two vehicles were racing down East H Street at more than 100 mph just after 12:30 a.m. when one driver lost control and crashed.
NBC 7 San Diego
The scene of the deadly crash on Oct. 8, 2016.
NBC 7 San Diego
Both drivers involved in the alleged street racing that led to the crash were arrested on suspicion of DUI, the Chula Vista Police Department said.
NBC 7 San Diego
Remnants of the deadly suspected DUI crash.
NBC 7 San Diego
The Chula Vista Police Department said the DUI suspect lost control and struck two Magnolia trees. The impact broke the trees in half, police said.
Residents say drivers often speed down East H Street in Chula Vista, the scene of the deadly suspected street racing DUI crash.
NBC 7 San Diego
The driver involved in the crash faces charges of manslaughter, DUI and street racing.
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