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Deadline for Covered California's More Affordable Plans Quickly Approaching

The White House's American Rescue Plan made the more affordable rates possible since it set aside $3 billion so Californians could get lower health care costs

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San Diego County residents looking for a more affordable health insurance plan have one more day to sign up just for that as Covered California’s deadline quickly approaches.

Thanks to the American Rescue Plan, a $1.9 trillion White House initiative to reverse inequities and hardships brought upon to residents by the coronavirus pandemic, residents of the Golden State can get more affordable health insurance. The plan set aside $3 billion so Californians could get lower health care costs.

The deadline for the reduced health insurance enrollment is Friday, April 30, with benefits kicking in immediately beginning the next day. Roughly 2.5 million Californians are eligible for the lower health care costs, according to the health insurance marketplace.

Anyone is currently uninsured, which includes about 70,000 San Diegans, may benefit from the reduced costs. In some cases, households could get health insurance for as much as $1 a month. Californians who are buying insurance on their own without an employer can keep their plan and still may be able to save money.

The new subsidies are only going to be available through December 2022 to people who buy coverage through a health insurance exchange.

Covered California has three coverage options that range in premium and out-of-pocket costs. Its website has helpful tools to guide interested individuals on making a decision best for them.

Anyone interested in applying for Covered California, or anyone interested in seeing how much they could potentially save, can click here for more information.

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