Body of Diver Found in Mission Bay

A glowing light spotted in the water led to the discovery of a body in Mission Bay, lifeguards said.

A boater was traveling near Ventura Bridge around 4:20 a.m. Tuesday when he saw the dive light underwater and noticed it wasn’t moving.

“I'm out here all the time with my spotlight looking in the water, it's like my personal aquarium,” the boater told NBC 7 News.

The man, who asked us not to identify him, said something just didn’t look right when he came across one of the pilings and saw a light under water.

“The guy jumped in the water and man he came out in a heartbeat and said ‘Hey, we got a body,’” the boater said.

Divers were called in to the bridge to recover the body.

“It’s an untold story at this point,” said San Diego Lifeguards Lt. Andy Lerum.

Three divers will go into the water and there will be support team members in the boat above to help document what the dive team finds once they move the body, Lerum said.

While they have not identified the diver, officials say they believe they may have found a car belonging to the person.

Lerum said rich marine life makes the area a common dive spot but the boater who spoke with NBC 7 said inexperienced divers should stay away.

"We had a diver opening day of lobster season last year do the same thing," he said. "Got caught under there cause it's nasty."

Check back for updates.

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