Daughters Who Lost Parents to COVID Plead With Public to Get Vaccinated

South Bay family is pleading for COVID-19 skeptics to get vaccinated.

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The Rodriguez family played it safe throughout the pandemic. They wore masks, avoided social gatherings and kept their outings limited.

"We didn't even go to the stores,” Blanca Velazquez said. “We had them deliver everything."

Still, the coronavirus struck her family back in January. While she doesn’t know how they got the COVID-19, the disease infected various family members including her parents. The heads of the household didn't make it and the most frustrating part for the family was that they died just one week before becoming eligible for the vaccine. 

“It could've changed the outcome of what happened,” said Cynthia Rodriguez.

Now, nearly six months after their death, and as new COVID-19 cases start to spike again, the South Bay women don't understand how thousands of San Diegans are still refusing to get the vaccine.

"Having to plan a funeral for both your parents and burying them on the same day is not something that anybody should have to go through and if there's a way to stop this, if there's a way to have people not die of this then why would you not take that option?" said Velazquez.

Frustrated by the unvaccinated, the Rodriguez sisters are sharing their story in hopes to reach those still hesitant about the vaccine. 

"I know it's scary, the unknown is scary, but it is not as bad as having lost part of your heart because your parents died,” said Rodriguez.

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