Daughters of Missing LAFD Firefighter Speak Out

Frank Aguilar was on medical leave from the L.A. Fire Department since March and was living part-time in Rosarito, Mexico, where he was last heard from

Authorities in Mexico continue to search for Frank Aguilar, a Los Angeles firefighter who was on medical leave and may possibly be a victim of a violent kidnapping in Baja California.

"It's a nightmare," said Amaris Aguilar, Frank's eldest daughter, who, along with her sister, has experienced a roller-coaster of emotions in the last 13 days. "My dad is my best friend, he's my heart, he's my world. Every day is different. One day I'm, 'Oh, my dad,' I'm thinking the worst, but like yesterday and today, I think we need to work, do everything we can to get back to my dad, to help my dad."

Frank Aguilar was on medical leave since March and was living part-time in Rosarito, Mexico, where he was last heard from.

Bella Aguilar said she was the last person in the family to personally see her father before leaving for Tijuana last Thursday. Their dad also texted them from Playas.

The district attorney said that videos recorded by two security cameras located near Tijuana and Playas de Rosarito indicate Frank Aguilar may have been kidnapped, which authorities in Los Angeles are investigating.

"A search alert is being made, even a photograph of this firefighter has been circulating in networked groups and in investigative groups," said Isaiah Bertín, a federal security representative in Baja California, who added that the district attorney's office has not ruled out that Frank's disappearance could be the work of people engaged in organized crime in the region.

That fact surprises Frank's daughter's because they have visited Rosarito or 18 years and never noticed anything out of the ordinary.

"To even think about my dad, even saying the word 'kidnap,' has never, ever, ever in a million years crossed my mind, nor was it ever a possibility or a scenario, just because Rosarito is a family place that we go to," Amaris Aguilar said.

Frank Aguilar occasionally rented his house to people who work in the area.

"It's just that at night, it's very dark here, you should come and see it at night," said Francisco Garcés, a worker who has lived in the community for three years.

Meanwhile, time is of the essence for Frank Aguilar's daughters, who struggle daily to find their father.

"Please look into your heart to help me, to help my family right now, look in your heart to leave my dad alone, please do it for my family, for Los Angeles," Amaris Aguilar pleaded.  

The Mexican consulate in Los Angeles told Telemundo 20 that, at the request of Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, they worked with the authorities to support the investigation but could not provide further details.

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