Dangerous Heat Expected in San Diego County

Intense heat and humid conditions will create dangerously hot conditions

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Warm, muggy weather will send residents of San Diego County looking for a cool place Thursday in the midst of a heat advisory issued by the National Weather Service (NWS).

The NWS says the heat advisory will remain in effect through 7 p.m. Friday for the inland empire and San Diego County valleys. Temperatures will be warmest over the inland empire, reaching highs between 97 and 107 degrees.

For areas within 10 miles of the coast, temperatures are also expected to rise above normal. A shallow marine layer will help moderate the heat in those areas and milder overnight temperatures will offer a little relief from the heat.

Temps in the mountains and deserts will also be above normal, however the NWS says afternoon showers, thunderstorms and cloud cover will help moderate those temperatures as well.

Meanwhile, East County will feel the heat with Lakeside above 100 degrees and El Cajon expected to break triple digits.

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A southern air flow will bring very humid conditions across the county. Add that with intense heat and it will create dangerously hot conditions.

“With humidity in the mix, it’s not going to allow us to sweat the way we should,” said NBC 7 meteorologist Jodi Kodesh.

The National Weather Service urges those sensitive to heat should take precautions. That includes children, the elderly, others who immune systems may be compromised.

Ways to avoid overheating include drinking plenty of water, staying out of the direct sun, dressing for summer weather, slowing down your activity by exercising or running errands early or after sundown.

You can find air conditioning in one of more than 115 designated cool zones in the county. They include the East County Regional Center in El Cajon and the Lakeside Library. For more information about cool zones call 800-510-2020 and press "6".

Never leave pets or children unattended inside a vehicle at any time. If you see a pet that is in imminent threat of death or injury, call The County Department of County Animal Services emergency number at (619) 236-2341.

The NWS says the hot and muggy conditions will likely last through Saturday. After that, we're in for a break from this heatwave with slight cooling Friday and Saturday with a return of the marine layer and cooler temperatures forecasted for Monday.

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