Dangerous High Surf and Wind Knock Man Off Sunset Cliffs

High surf tides and strong winds prompted the rescue of a man who got too close to the edge at Sunset Cliffs Saturday afternoon.

San Diego lifeguards were called to the scene after the man got knocked into the water by the high tide and surf.

The man tried to swim back to shore and lifeguards on patrol were able to bring him back to the cove, according to San Diego Lifeguard's Marine Safety Lieutenant James Gartland. Lifeguards then brought their cliff rescue rig to bring the man to safety.

Because of the dangerous conditions, lifeguards opted to first bring the man to the cove where he was safe from the surf.

The man is expected to be okay. A lifeguard suffered minor injuries, mostly minor scrapes from the rocks.

A beach hazard statement throughout San Diego County beaches is in effect until Sunday afternoon.

Surf tide as high as five to seven feet were also seen along Solana Beach Saturday.

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