DA Launches Initiative to Protect Children from Internet Predators

The initiative includes an internet monitoring software available for free to local parents

San Diego County District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis announced a new initiative Tuesday designed to protect children from Internet predators and bullies.

At a press conference held at the Hall of Justice, DA Dumanis revealed plans to release a new, free internet monitoring software that protects children from online predators.

Dumanis said the software is called “Computer Cop” and allows parents to easily look at internet browsing history, photos, videos, emails and chat messages on their child’s computer.

It also scans documents, including internet cookies and text logs, and checks for keywords of a sexual nature, drug slang, gang terms and violent or threatening words, Dumanis said.

“In short, it highlights language that an internet predator, criminal, bully or a hate group might use,” explained Dumanis.

The DA called the free software “preventative” and said it’s designed to “head off dangerous situations before they occur.”

Over the past year, Dumanis says her office has filed 60 cases involving the use of the internet to victimize children. That’s roughly double the number of cases involving internet predators filed the previous year.

Using asset forfeiture money obtained from drug dealers and criminals, Dumanis said the DA’s office is making this free "Computer Cop" software available to all San Diego County residents, as long as the supply lasts.

Copies of the software can be picked up on the 13th floor of the DA’s downtown office located at 330 W. Broadway or at the El Cajon, Vista or South Bay District Attorney’s offices.

In addition to utilizing the software, Dumanis urges parents to have frequent, open discussions with their kids about their internet use and online safety.

For more information about this software, visit the DA's website.

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