Cyclists Recovering After Fiesta Island Crash

Ten cyclists were injured when driver Theresa Owens plowed into the group of 30 cyclists on Fiesta Island on Aug. 12, 2014

The recovery process continued Wednesday for victims injured by a wrong-way driver who plowed into a group of 30 bicyclists on Fiesta Island as the cyclists finished their weekly group ride.

On Tuesday at around 6:30 p.m., driver Theresa Lynn Owens, 49, drove into the group of cyclists along Fiesta Island Road. She was arrested on the spot for driving under the influence and possession of a controlled substance.

Images: Car Drives into Group of Cyclists on Fiesta Island

Ten of the bicyclists were injured in the collision and taken to local hospitals, six with serious injuries. Two victims were thrown against the windshield of Owens’ car and pinned in the shattered glass.

Cyclist Logan Bass was among those who took the brunt of the impact.

Bass told NBC 7 he suffered a contusion to his ribs and he's having a hard time breathing deeply.

Another one of the victims, Beatrice Dormoy, has been released from the hospital and was recovering at home Wednesday.

Dormoy sustained deep cuts and bruises and told NBC 7 she’s lucky she didn’t break any bones.

The avid cyclist was just getting back to riding after suffering another cycling injury this past May and was slated to race in Ontario in just two weeks. Now, those plans might change.

“To think she might not ride anymore because she’s fearful to do what she loves to do. Imagine doing something you love to do and you can’t do it anymore because you’re afraid you might die. That’s a shame – that’s sad,” said Brandon Ewers, another member of the cycling group involved in the crash.

Ewers was in lead position riding with the group and would’ve been in the line of impact if his friend hadn’t pushed him out of the way. Instead, his friend went flying into the windshield.

The Del Mar resident said he hopes the incident is a wake-up call for Owens.

“I hope she learns from this. If she does have a past and a history, that this does straighten her life out,” he said.

During her arrest Owens argued with first responders as she was cuffed and led away. NBC 7 obtained court records that show she had a criminal history dating as far back as 2006 that includes possession of illegal drugs, disturbing the peace and intent to commit theft.

According to police, investigators suspect Owens was under the influence of both alcohol and drugs, possibly methamphetamine, at the time of the crash. A forthcoming toxicology report will confirm whether that’s the case.

For now, she's being held at Las Colinas Detention Facility and is scheduled to appear in court Friday.

Most of the cyclists involved in the crash are members of the San Diego Bicycle Club. They meet every Tuesday to ride about 30 miles together and had been finishing their final laps when the collision occurred. The group said the incident is especially unfortunate because Fiesta Island is supposed to be a very safe place for them to ride.

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