Millions of Shoppers Hit Internet for Cyber Monday

FedEx plans to process 2 million more packages than last year.

Today is Cyber Monday, and that means online shopping deals will be available all day. More than 131 million Americans are expected to shop on the internet during what is expected to be the busiest day of the year.

The research firm "ComScore" anticipates seeing sales to $2 billion this year. That's up from nearly $1.5 billion last year. Online sales make up about 10 percent of all holiday spending.

FedEx hired 20,000 more seasonal workers this year than it did last year to handle holiday deliveries. Today alone the corporation will handle 10 percent more packages than it did last Cyber Monday.

“We’ll go to your Amazons and all your retailers, we’ll pick this stuff up to be delivered,” said FedEx courier Brian Dias.

Couriers are working 60-70 hour weeks to handle the extra orders, most of which will ship between Wednesday and Friday.

“We plan extra routes for the extra freight that’s coming in, because our stops almost double sometimes,” said Shaman Smith, a senior manager at FedEx.

The company plans to process 2 million more packages today than last year.

“We prepare all year for this month,” Dias said.

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