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Culinary Competition in North Park Highlights San Diego Black Chefs

The “Bad Boyz of Culinary” came together to put on the competition to share elite meals and to raise awareness.

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The "Bad Boyz of Culinary," a group of Black San Diego-area chefs, hosted the  People’s Choice Culinary Showcase at Louisiana Purchase in North Park Monday night so that a group of rising chefs could let their skills do the talking.

The showcase challenged four up-and-coming chefs to throw down on their best dishes for a shot at a grand prize, plus a little bit of notoriety.

Sheridan Street, a San Diego native, private chef and blogger, explained what the $500 cash prize could do for his entrepreneurial dreams.

"I could buy knives, or put money down for a business license or food truck," Street said.

Chefs Quinton Austin , co-owner of  Louisiana Purchase on University Avenue, and Kelston Moore, chef at the Cococabana Rooftop Bar, scheduled to open later this year at the Brick Hotel in Oceanside, teamed to create the Bad Boys of Culinary.

Each of the challengers was paired with an established chef to serve as their sous chef who could watch their back, but also teach them how to command their kitchen in a high-pressure environment.

"My house is what I'm used to being in," one challenger said.

At least 100, creatively crafted fish, chicken, steak and pork dishes were served to the guests in attendance. Their votes helped decide the winner at the end of the night.

In the end, it was Street's garlic mashed potatoes with deep-fried pork loin, topped with her signature Street Sauce, that won the people over.

"I'm not going to tell you the ingredients because of trademarks," she told the crowd.

Now, she's $500 closer to her dream. She's also taking home a knife kit, customized bottle of tequila, an engraved cutting board and a food basket. 

Austin and Moore created the "Bad Boyz of Culinary" to help bring Black chefs together to support each other, and to empower chefs who were just starting out.

They plan to keep hosting events to showcase and educate local talent. For more information on the "Bad Boyz of Culinary" check out their website.

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