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Cal State San Marcos' Craven Hall to Be Renamed Due to Controversial Connection

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A building at California State University San Marcos (CSUSM) will be renamed because of its connection to a controversial figure, the university’s board of trustees decided.

Craven Hall, named after the late Sen. William Craven, will get a new name following an 18-month investigation into complaints that have been made since the early 90s. Students and alumni voiced concerns that the building was named after Craven – who was instrumental in getting the university built – despite his disparaging remarks about migrants and the Hispanic community.

“It was a very complex situation and it sort can be considered on a sliding scale,” said Margaret Chantung, CSUSM Communications Officer. “On one hand, you have someone who did amazing work and advocacy to bring higher education to our region, and we honor and thank him for that. On the other hand, there were comments and things that he did that are not in alignment with who Cal State San Marcos is today and with that reflection, this was really the best path forward for the university and the students we serve.”

Following the lengthy investigation, there were recommendations to remove the politician’s name from the university. The California State University Board of Trustees upheld that recommendation and is now seeking to form another group to suggest a new name for the building.

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