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Crossing Guards Removed From Dangerous Intersection Near Elementary School

Some elementary school students must cross a dangerous intersection by the I-5 freeway to walk or bike to school without adult supervision, now that the crossing guards have been removed.

A busy intersection that some children must cross to get to school in North County has been deemed too dangerous even for crossing guards, leaving parents alarmed.

Skyline Elementary school officials said they had to remove their crossing guards by the freeway exits on Loma Santa Fe because the intersection was too hazardous and difficult to navigate.

If the intersection is too dangerous for the guards, many parents believe that it's also not safe for their kids to cross.

As of now, children who need to walk or bike along this route to get to school will need to cross without adult supervision.

The school district has advised families to not let their students walk along this route. That leaves no alternative path for students who live east of Interstate 5 to walk or bike to school without crossing freeway exits.

Some families will either have to drive their children to school or risk letting them cross the street without an adult crossing guard.

Currently, the school is under construction for the school year, which has created more traffic congestion and increased safety hazards in the area.

Map of Dangerous Intersection
This map shows the Interstate 5 freeway exits that intersect with Loma Santa Fe Drive.

In the meantime, many parents and city leaders have proposed finding a volunteer guard to assist children at the busy intersection. They would also like the city to prohibit right turns at some red lights to help keep traffic under control.

At the moment, the district is working with the community and law enforcement to make the intersection safer for children walking to school. No further information was currently available.

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