Crook Steals Disabled Child's Bike

$1,300 bike stolen from home

This Christmas was one of the most memorable for the Croft family.

"We worked and we worked and we worked and we made it happen we were so excited,” said Shelley Croft.

But to Shelly Croft it was also one of the most heartbreaking holidays.

“We find this thing that he can actually use, we can finally do things as a family again, now somebody just took that away from us,” said Croft.

A $1,300 bike.

But not just any bike, a special bike for her 14- year-old son Ryan.

"He has autism. He has cerebral palsy, he has a seizure disorder he has hydrocephalus and he has a neuro-tube defect."

Croft says someone managed to get inside their gated apartment complex on Tuesday night, open the family's front gate to their porch and steal the bike, right outside of their window.

"The excitement over it was just astronomical and now it's gone,” said Croft.

The Crofts have filed a police report. They have even posted fliers.

“And everybody says the same thing… it's awful it's horrible, who would steal a disabled child's bike? But they did,” said Croft.

Now they are hoping someone will if anything, at least have a heart.

"You just stole something from somebody who should never have anything taken from them. They already have enough hardships to deal with. He should not have to deal with having something that he likes and having somebody take it away from him. There's no reason," said Croft.

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