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Crews Rescue Sunset Cliffs Surfer After Helping 4 Other Hikers Across San Diego

There were 4 cliff rescues, involving six people in two days.

Local lifeguards are warning about the dangers of seaside cliffs after there were four cliff rescue calls involving six people total over the course of two days.

San Diego Fire and Rescue (SDFD) crews were called to the stairs at Sunset Cliff's just after dark Monday.

It was a frightening few moments for a surfer. First responders said she slipped on the rocks below Sunset Cliffs, injuring her back.

A passerby noticed her and called 911 for help. 

Firefighters and lifeguards responded with a full rescue team.

Earlier in the day, at approximately 3 p.m., three adults were trapped on the cliff above Torrey Pines State Beach.

No one was injured but rescuers had a hard time getting to them.

Early Monday morning, a 58-year-old woman sprained her ankle trying to hike up the cliff from the beach. It happened in the Box Canyon area of Torrey Pines, near the Glider Port.

And Sunday, not far from there, a 60-year-old woman hiking on the cliffs above Black's Beach in La Jolla fell and injured her ankle.

Using ropes and a basket, rescuers lowered her to the beach, loaded her in an ambulance and transported her to a local hospital.

Firefighters responding to Monday night's rescue could not explain the sudden uptick in rescue calls.

According to San Diego's City website, first responders perform approximately 50 rescues each year.

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