Crews Will Flatten SR-52 With 4,000 Holes

Anybody who's ridden the roller coaster road that is called state Route 52 between the SR-163 and the I-805 will be relieved to hear that construction crews will be working all week to solve the problem.

"Nearly 30 highway workers are working this area each night, most on foot, to drill more than 4,000 holes into the pavement, then filling the holes with a slurry mix to flatten the pavement," Caltrans reported on Thursday, noting that the work will be on both eastbound and westbound lanes.

A Caltrans representative said the holes will be about six inches in diameter.

Starting this Saturday afternoon at 4:30, Caltrans will be detouring drivers to the westbound Convoy Street on-ramp, then herding them west to the Genesee Avenue off-ramp, then left to the eastbound Genesee on-ramp.

"By keeping the [eastbound Convoy Street] on-ramp continuously closed for seven days, crews will gain an extra two and half hours of work time each night as heavy-duty construction equipment is moved from the left side of the highway to the right," Caltrans said on Thursday, noting that the work will continue through 1 p.m. the following Saturday.

Image courtesy of Caltrans

"At least one lane will remain during construction hours between 4:30 p.m. and 5 a.m.," Caltrans said. "At no time will all highway lanes close."

Construction crews began work late last month on the $16.5 million undertaking and will burn the midnight oil through November to accomplish the engineering feat, which will require motorists to reduce speeds for the safety of the workers and themselves.

Folks headed to the Miramar Landfill need not worry -- they'll still be able to get to the dump during the closure.

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