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Family Laments Series of Deadly Crashes at Lemon Grove Intersection

Maribel Nava spoke with NBC 7 for the first time about how her family is coping and why she believes a traffic collision along Palm Avenue late Tuesday is a sign.

A Lemon Grove family struggling to cope with the loss of three family members in a triple fatal traffic collision were reminded of the tragedy when a driver crashed into their cars in front of their home overnight.

In February, Maribel Nava’s daughter, brother and sister were traveling in a car when they were killed in a collision near the intersection a mile from Palm Avenue and Dennis Street.

Lizbeth Soto, 18, Alexander Solo, 12, and Camila Nava Cardenas, 8, died in the crash.

Late Tuesday, right in front of Nava’s home, a driver crashed into two parked vehicles. Both cars are owned by Nava. Officials say the driver was under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Nava spoke with NBC 7 for the first time about the February crash and how her family is coping.

“I was in my room, grieving, crying for my daughter and my brother and sister, and it's something we still can't get over,” Nava said. “It has only been two months, and this happens.”

“It just shook us all. I have my oldest one crying in there since last night because she is scared,” she said.

Just two months ago, Nava was standing in front of another car wreck. This one was a mile from her home and several member of her family were inside the car.

Nava said she has complained to the City of Lemon Grove about the safety of both of these intersections.

She said nothing has been done.

At approximately 5:20 a.m. Wednesday, the driver of a white SUV fell asleep at the wheel and slammed into a vehicle 100 yards from Nava’s home and the Tuesday night crash.

At around 8:30 a.m., just three blocks west of Nava’s home, there was another traffic collision.

“Something just needs to get done,” she said. “People are speeding, people are driving drunk.”

NBC 7 has learned the City just installed a sidewalk as part of planned improvements to the road. They are also conducting a citywide study on street safety. The specific stretch of Palm Avenue outside Nava’s home is not included in the study.

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