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COVID-19 Hospitalizations Increasing in San Diego County

On Friday San Diego County reported 1,091 new COVID-19 cases, surpassing the previous record of 1,087 cases reported last Saturday

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Hospitalizations across San Diego County are rising due to the coronavirus, this is worrying health leaders, doctors and nurses as they ask the community to stay vigilant.

Haile is a labor and delivery nurse at Sharp Mary Birch, she said there is an increase of moms who are COVID-19 positive and are delivering their babies.

“It's heartbreaking, people are crying because they're so happy because a baby was born and then next door, there is someone crying because their loved one just died and they can't even be with them,” Mamet Haile said.

A Sharp Mary Birch delivery room nurse talks about the the challenges in the deliver room during a pandemic, including COVID-positive mothers giving birth.

Sharp hospitals keep COVID-19 patients and non-COVID-19 patients separated but there is no doubt that there are more people being hospitalized with the disease at all San Diego County hospitals.

On Thursday, County Health leaders said the increase in hospitalizations is in large part due to people letting their guard down and they're urging the community not to relax as hospitalizations have nearly doubled in the last few weeks.

“It goes very quickly from we have a lot more rooms in a hospital to, 'Oh my goodness, we don't know where to put anybody,'” explained Haile.

Haile asks others to wear their masks and follow health practices of physical distance and avoiding gatherings.

“Let me do my part so we don't have to be seeing so many people dying,” she said.

Mamet Haile
Mamet Haile is a Labor and delivery nurse at Sharp Mary Birch, she says there is an increase of moms who are COVID-19 positive and delivering their babies

For the last 11 years, Haile has been a nurse and said it's her mission to serve her community, but it's no secret healthcare workers are witnessing this heavy trauma before them.

“You can’t experience watching someone lose someone and go home and say, 'Okay, work is done and clock out,'” she said. “It just doesn't happen, that energy carries with you, so I cry a lot,”

Haile encourages others to adopt a positive mindset during these difficult times. She said you can do this by implementing a morning routine by waking up and meditating or praying and setting positive intentions for the day.

"I pray that these nurses go home to someone who cares enough to say, 'You know, let me just give you a hug or tell me how your day was,' and how you felt about your day," she said.

Sharp Healthcare also urges anyone who needs medical attention not to hesitate to go to the hospital. Staff ensure the hospital is safe for patients who do not have the coronavirus to get treated.

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