Court Docs Offer Look at Life of Stripper Caught in Scandal

Michelle McGee is caught up in Sandra Bullock-Jesse James marriage mess

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Court documents are offering a glimpse into the life of a San Diego stripper in the middle of a celebrity marriage mess.

Michelle McGee, a tattoo model who works at Pure Platinum in Kearny Mesa, California has been named as the "other woman" in reports of marriage troubles between Oscar-winning actress Sandra Bullock and TV reality show star and motorcycle entrepreneur Jesse James. McGee claims to have had an 11-month affair with James. Speaking to "In Touch Weekly," McGee claimed that the affair began while Bullock was away in Georgia filming the "The Blind Side," a role for which she recently won a Best Actress Oscar.

According to court documents filed Friday by McGee's ex-husband Ronald Modica, McGee called Modica on Thursday, urging him "to pick up our child and 'protect' him because of a breaking storing [sic] between her and Sandra Bullock's husband, Jesse James." The court filing goes on to say that McGee had told Modica that she was afraid that the "paparazzi would harass our child."

Modica goes on to ask the judge for temporary and sole custody of their child until a court hearing on May 12. He said McGee told him she planned on hiding "out at an undisclosed location" after turning the child over to him.

The papers were not the first filed this year discussing custody of the now 5-year-old. In January, Modica filed a request for a child abduction prevention order, saying he believed McGee might take their child without his permission to another county or country, stating that "one of her boyfriend/producer [sic] lives there." When Modica is asked in the same document what reason he might have to believe McGee might take the child without his permission, he wrote that "she moves around a lot and takes [the child] with her without telling me; she has enrolled him in various schools without consulting me." Modica added that he did not believe McGee has strong ties to California and that her work as "a stripper and pornographic performer" and the fact that "she has no job per se" would make it easy for her to leave the state. Elsewhere on the court form, he checked boxes indicating that McGee has a history of domestic violence and child abuse.

In another document filed in January, Modica sought to modify their custody, stating that McGee had coffins in her living room, magnets on her refrigerator that spelled out "White Power" and had recently had a large swastika tattooed on her stomach. Modica also alleges in the same court filing that his ex was dating gang members and that there were pornographic shoots in her home and "live Web cam pornographic broadcasts from her home."

Modica states in the documents filed Friday that -- up until the James/McGee/Bullock news broke -- he and McGee had a very loose custody arrangement that was "off and on when [McGee] is in town ... [McGee] has our son on some weekends and takes him to school on Mondays. I [Modica] pick him up there and have him the balance of the time."

According to the interview McGee gave "In Touch Weekly," the whole affair began after she sent James a social-media friend request, hoping to be on his television show, and things escalated to the point where they had “intimate relations.”

She went on to tell the magazine that she and James had sex “two or three times” the night they met (Bullock was away filming “The Blind Side,” said McGee and from there a “serious relationship” began.

McGee and Bullock certainly couldn’t look more opposite. While Bullock dazzled in old-Hollywood style on the red carpets during awards season, McGee sports a tattoo on her forehead that reads “Pray for us Sinners.”

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