Couples Say ‘I Do’ Near Valentine’s Day

Romance was in the air at the San Diego County Administration building as people packed into the second floor waiting room, trying to get married as close as they can to February 14.

Two newlyweds told NBC 7 getting married on Valentine's Day was an important to them.

"I wanted this date specifically, I'm kind of like particular about dates and I thought this was a cute date so I was like I want this date,” the bride said.

“She was very picky about it,” chimed the groom. “The numbers need to look good to her."

The couple drove from Temecula to downtown San Diego this morning. They say they didn’t want to wait to plan a big ceremony.

Fridays are typically a busy day for marriage licenses, county officials said, but because this is the Friday before Valentine's Day they prepared for extra ceremonies.

The county office in Kearny Mesa will be open Saturday and officials there expect a lot of people to get married then. Since Valentine's Day is Sunday, all local county offices will be closed.

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