'Devastated' Couple Takes to Social Media to Help Find Memory Cards With Baby Photos Missing From Disneyland

“There’s always success stories,” Heintz said, who said he hoped sharing the story would help the person with his family's memory cards return them

 A San Diego couple who lost a camera bag at Disneyland Saturday is hoping the power of social media will compel someone to return five lost memory cards filled with baby photos.

“It’s all gone,” said San Diego resident Andrew Heintz. “There’s not a single video…Everything was on there.”

Heintz and his wife, Victoria, were at Disneyland with their 21-month-old daughter when their large black bag carrying their Canon Rebel EOS T3i SLR camera, Sony Handycam camcorder, USB plug-ins, battery chargers and several SD cards, went missing. Only one of the memory cards was backed up.

The incident happened around noon that day when the couple was getting ready to change the baby. By the time Heintz realized he had put the bag by Disney’s Imagination Room and ran back to get it, it was gone.

“That was unreal,” Heintz said. “We couldn’t even really look at each other.”

Heintz filed a report with the Anaheim Police Department in hopes they would be able to access the security footage in the park to help find the perpetrator. The couple also filed a report with Disneyland Lost and Found.

“The gravity of what we lost started really taking over,” Heintz said. “We couldn’t talk.”

As more time goes by, the more the couple believes someone stole their bag. The couple, who bought the cameras before their baby was born, said they went to a store to find top-of-the-line equipment so they would be able to capture every moment of their baby girl growing up. 

“We really did turn into those parents, maybe a little too much, taping and taking photos of everything,” Heintz said. “Everything on there is baby. There’s not a single photo of me and my wife somewhere. Every single shot is baby, baby, baby, just getting older.”

The couple has taken to social media, hoping the person who took their camera will consider returning the property.

“There’s always success stories,” Heintz said. “We’ve found items there before and turned them in and even found the owner of property there.”

At the very least, Heintz said, he hopes someone will return memory cards.

“It’s a plea,” Heintz said. “It’s a plea to the deepest, deepest piece of soul you have.”

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