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Couple Looks for Owner of Lost Family Christmas Ornaments Found in North Park

Plenty of people commented on her Nextdoor post but she's had no luck finding the owner.

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A North Park couple is looking for the long lost owner of two boxes of handpainted Christmas tree ornaments found scattered on a sidewalk near their home.

Bleu Ford told NBC 7 that her wife was walking their dog back in April when she saw the beautiful ornaments and their velvet boxes thrown all over the sidewalk.

Ford said she put the ornaments back in their boxes and posted them on Nextdoor and Craigslist. Plenty of people commented on her post but she's had no luck finding the owner.

Last spring, Ford said there were several homeless people living in the area. She's not sure if the ornaments belonged to one of them or if someone's home or storage unit was broken into, nonetheless she wants to get them home.

Ford's family loves Christmas and she said she understands how sentimental ornaments can be, so it's important to her to find the owner.

“Get a hold of me, let's get them back on your tree, that's where they belong. I really hope we can find the owners of these," Ford said. "If not, it will be a story on our tree, but I really want to get them back to where they belong."

There are a couple of names and dates on the ornaments, like Caden and Taylor. There are other names and hopefully the owner of these family ornaments can identify them soon.

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