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Couple Faces Charges for Violent Killing of Man in Vista

SDSO homicide detectives said the group were all "friends" and this homicide case does not appear to be gang related

A San Diego couple was charged Friday for the murder of a man who was a known acquaintance to them, prosecutors confirmed.

Shyrehl Wesley, 20, allegedly killed 21-year-old D'Angelo Charon "execution style," said Deputy District Attorney Keith Watanabe. His body was found with multiple gunshot wounds in Vista, off the rural road Twin Oaks Valley Road, near Gopher Canyon, according to San Diego County Sheriff's Department (SDSO) homicide detectives.

Wesley, 20, and Sheffah Chevis, 18, face the murder charges. Wesley faces up to 108 years to life in prison if convicted.

"The detectives eventually went to Ms. Chevis' house and caught her cleaning the clothing, cleaning out her car, bleaching the victim and her boyfriend's clothing," Watanabe said.

Prosecutors set the amount of Wesley's bail at $6 million because he had a previous conviction for a violent armed robbery involving a gang in El Cajon.

His girlfriend, Chevis, did not appear in court with him and did not leave her jail cell Friday. She is set to appear in court Monday.

Wesley was charged for murder with a handgun, as well as having a prior strike for robbery. He pleaded not guilty and denied all allegations. Chevis was charged with murder and for aiding and abetting, since she drove Wesley to the scene where he allegedly shot their acquaintance.

The couple allegedly drove up to Vista and fatally shot the victim in the early morning on July 12. A man later spotted the body on the side of the road while driving to work, and police arrested the couple later that night.

Surveillance cameras shows the group of three leaving a liquor store in San Diego early Wednesday morning, investigators said. The couple and Charon were seen getting into a car together.

Several hours later, Charon's body was discovered. Prosecutors said he was struck violently on the back of his head, with 40 bullet casings left on the sidewalk.

After the alleged murder, the couple decided to head back to their homes and both were arrested less than 24 hours later, Watanabe said.

Detectives said they have recovered what is believed to be the weapon used in the killing as well as the vehicle involved.

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