County Supervisors Approve Traffic Light for Dangerous Intersection in Rainbow

The county Board of Supervisors approved adding a traffic light to a dangerous intersection in Rainbow.

The meeting held included neighbors, law enforcement, as well as the mother of 13-year-old Jorge Vazquez, who died in a crash at the intersection of Rainbow Glen Road and Old Highway 395 in July.

Vasquez was sitting in the front passenger seat when his mother, Silvia Campos, drove her vehicle across the highway at Rainbow Glen Rd. She didn't make it. Her car was struck by an oncoming truck that the CHP said had the right of way.

Campos and her 6-year-old daughter were rushed to local hospitals with serious injuries. Jorge died at the scene.

Neighbors had been trying to get the county to put a four-way stop or light at the intersection for several years. Jorge's death was the final plea and re-ignited the calls.

"The highest speed that was recorded was 92 mph, coming down, or going northbound on the Old Highway 395. The average speed of all vehicles was 81 mph," said a concerned resident of the area.

After a fatal crash on an intersection on Highway 395, the local community is outraged. Many locals have been lobbying the county for three years to put in a four-way stop sign or a stop light that they say could have prevented the crash. NBC 7's Allison Ash reports

This incident also prompted hundreds of people to sign a Change.org petition, which encourages government officials to take measures to keep drivers from taking shortcuts through Rainbow during rush hour.

The teen's mother was still in an arm brace and had cuts on her face as she attended the meeting. She spoke with Telemundo 20 off-camera and said that she is still heartbroken after the tragedy.

The county Board of Supervisors scheduled another meeting for Nov. 20, to talk more about the plans for the traffic light.

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