New Disaster Plans Sent to Highest Wildfire Risk Zones

County officials sent out the plans in an effort to increase resident preparedness.

The San Diego County Office of Emergency Services mailed out Personal Disaster Plan templates to residents and businesses in the highest wildfire risk zones of the county on Friday.

Since it is peak fire season, county officials are encouraging residents to complete the template in an effort to be more prepared for disasters.

While wildfire is the biggest risk for San Diego, the redesigned and updated plan covers all emergency hazards.

The template includes fill-in-the-blank sections for adding emergency contacts, drawing a floorplan of your house, and noting important features in your home such as the gas valve and circuit breaker.

It also contains important information regarding evacuations, emergency alerts, and a checklist for building your own emergency supply kit.

Officials advise having and practicing a plan in the event of a fire or other disaster to reduce your risk of injury and increase your chances of doing the right thing and not panicking.

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