County Issues ‘Do Not Drink' Warning for Julian Water System

Julian water system
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San Diego County health officials warned residents in Julian Thursday not to drink from a possibly contaminated water system.

The Department of Environmental Health for the county issued a Drinking Water Warning for the Apple Water Is Good water system, according a press release issued Thursday night.

“The public is advised not to drink tap water supplied by the Apple Water Is Good water system until further notice,” the statement read.

The water system is undergoing repairs, the county told NBC 7. Preliminary reports showed the system lost pressure during these repairs which may have allowed the system to be contaminated.

The water system serves drinking water to the Apple Tree Inn, restaurant, and three residences.

The county is testing the water provided by Apple Water Is Good and will lift the warning if the results confirm there are no contaminates in the water.

The water system is located at 4360 Highway 78 in Julian, according to the county.

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