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Flu Season May Have Peaked as No Deaths Reported, Cases Drop in Past Week

San Diegans may be giving flu season the cold shoulder as county health officials said the number of reported cases continues to drop, signaling flu season may have already peaked.

For the first time in over a month, no flu-related deaths were reported in San Diego last week, the County Health and Human Services Agency said Wednesday.

The previous week saw eight flu-related deaths, and the season has seen 24 deaths in total.

“No flu deaths being reported and cases dropping is great news,” said County Public Health Officer Wilma Wooten.

The number of reported flu cases dropped for the second week in a row. During the week of Jan. 20 to Jan. 26, cases dropped about 25 percent down to 366 cases. At the same time last year, 612 cases were reported.

However, while case numbers fell, the number of people going to emergency rooms with flu-like symptoms increased by one percent, hitting five percent in total, the county said.

“Influenza is very unpredictable, so people should continue getting vaccinated since past flu seasons have extended through April and even May,” Wooten said.

In total, 3,493 cases have been reported so far this season, while at that time last year, 14,256 cases were reported, according to the county.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommended annual flu shots for those older than 6 months.

To get vaccinated, San Diegans can go to a public health center. To find the location right for you, visit the county’s website or call 211.

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