Country Club of Rancho Bernardo Vandalized by Teens: SDPD

The Country Club of Rancho Bernardo has been vandalized several times by a group of teenagers, police said.

The private golf club on Greens East Road reported that teens entered the property and stole golf carts.

Both male and female suspects then drove carts through the 20,000 square foot facility, damaging it along the way.

According to SDPD officers, the teenagers also crashed one of the carts into a tree.

The course and carts are now in need of repair.

Owners of the Country Club reported the offenses on May 27th, June 10th and June 16th.

Pictures and videos of the teenagers were captured by security cameras on the course, and show the suspects as they enter the facility.

Police are currently working to identify the suspects.

Any information on the events can be reported to Detective Joe Volker at (858) 538-8020.

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