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Could San Diego Be The New Hub for Virtual Reality?

The co-founder of San Diego Startup Week, Austin Neudecker, believes so

The co-founder of San Diego Startup Week, Austin Neudecker, said he believes San Diego could become a new leader in the world of virtual reality.

“We have tremendous engineers coming out of some of the best research institutions and companies here in San Diego," Neudecker said in an interview with NBC 7 on Wednesday.

One San Diego-based company in particular -- Ossic -- is paving the way. 

The startup has created new types of headphones that take virtual reality sound from two-dimensional, like you would hear from a television or video game, to 3-D sound.  

“3-D sound is kind of like how you hear in real life," said Sally Kellaway, creative director of Ossic. "When you’re listening to anything in real life, you get 360 degrees: you can listen to anything at any time.”

Kellaway said they do this by customizing the headsets to each person's head and ears.

Ossic currently has a program that displays musical orbs floating through the air. When you touch them with your controller in virtual reality, you can move them around, hearing the music from all sides.

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