Cougar Crowned at Del Mar in 2009

A winner was finally announced Wednesday for the Miss Del Mar Cougar 2009 contest.

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A winner was finally announced for the Miss Del Mar Cougar 2009 contest.
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Goldstein said she was originally from the Bay Area but moved to San Diego about 20 years ago.
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Two friends who saw the contest mentioned in a local paper called her Sunday and told her she had to enter. By Monday she was front-runner, and the next day, a finalist.
The competition: Sophia Rush was also a finalist. "I was an Urban Cougar of the month last year for the Urban Cougar site," Rush said in her entry.
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"I am a classy, sassy, sexy and sophisticated woman who attracts several younger men," Rush said in her entry.
Redes Sociales
The third finalist, Jan Clark, was entered by her sister. "She lives in La Jolla, single, movie-star good looks and guys much, much younger are always hitting on her," her entry read.
Twenty-eight women entered the contest, but in the end, the real-estate agent from Tierrasanta walked away with the title.
"It was unbelievable," Goldstein said about her experiences. "A whirlwind. We need to find a reality show -- a cougar-based reality show."
For anybody wondering, the real-estate agent (Rosie Goldstein and Associates) is currently single. "Not dating anyone right now. Why? Do you know someone?" she asked.
While Goldstein, who would only say she is "past 40," is open to dating someone her age ("Absolutely"), she has gone younger in the past.
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"In the not too far-away past -- 37, and 36," she said, "I wouldn't go too much farther than that. Then you're getting too young. Naive young."
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Clearly, Goldstein is enjoying all the attention -- well, most of it anyway. "I'm on the front page of the paper," she said but quickly qualified, "of all the pictures they took, they picked the worst one."
The self-described single mom said her 23-year-old son was "proud, very proud" of his mom getting the crown at Del Mar, even telling co-workers about her achievement.
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