Costco Rolls Out New Shopping Carts

The changes are subtle but shoppers are noticing the new Costco cart

Does the size of the shopping cart make a difference on how much you'll buy in the store? The folks at Costco hope so as the warehouse giant is rolling out thousands of new carts.

The changes are subtle but shoppers are noticing.

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“There used to be limited in space on the bottom and now you can get a lot more stuff on the bottom,” Costco shopper Bruce Thomas said.

The basket is raised up and wider. Even the handle is nearly 3 inches taller.

The new and improved Costco shopping carts are being rolled at stores across San Diego.

The Mission Valley location added 1,100 new carts.

Shoppers claim the new carts are easier to maneuver in the aisles of the warehouse store that can be packed on a Saturday afternoon.

Costco GM Jesse Sanchez said not only are carts lighter, but they have a new design element that works with the type of products Costco sells.

“The nice thing is they’re lower on the sides,” Sanchez said. “Makes it easier to get items in and out of ‘em.”

That is until shoppers fill them up with everything from detergent and batteries to milk and bucket of mixed nuts.

And at least one shopper found the new cart could prove to be an incentive to spend more.

“I think the more room you have, the more you fill it up,” said Kim Palmer.

Another change that may interest parents - the child seat section does not collapse. It's permanent so there are fewer moving parts on the cart.

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