Former Chargers Player Opens Craft Coffee Shop in Poway

Cory Withrow, former offensive lineman for the Bolts, debuted The King’s Craft Coffee Co. in Poway Friday

A former San Diego Chargers player is generating buzz, opening a brand-new coffee shop in Poway.

On Friday, former NFL offensive lineman for the Bolts, Cory Withrow – also formerly of the Minnesota Vikings and Seattle Seahawks – debuted The King’s Craft Coffee Co. at 14530 Espola Rd.

Withrow’s new business venture, this time off the field, boasts a roster of single-origin specialty coffees made from handcrafted, roasted beans, plus a menu featuring European pastries.

[G] Former Chargers Player Opens Coffee Shop in Poway

After an 11-year career in the NFL – three with the San Diego Chargers – Withrow says he’s ready to pour himself into his coffee shop.

“Long before my playing career in the NFL, I had a vision of one day owning a business that would not only serve the great people of my community, but to provide excellence through hard work,” Withrow told NBC 7.

“We have a strong pull on our hearts for social responsibility and want to give back to the community we feel so blessed to be a part of. The King’s Craft Coffee Co. will allow us to meet this goal,” he added.

Withrow’s project is also spearheaded by his wife, Monica, who led the design concept of the shop and serves as CFO.

The grand opening of the business Friday drew lots of customers, some chatting with friends inside the coffee shop, others quietly reading while sipping their java.

Withrow told NBC 7 that opening the coffee shop has been his passion and dream for the past 12 years. He said he and his wife wanted to create a space to serve their community, adding, “to have something that’s excellent – that’s ours.”

Nine months ago, the couple decided to go all in and work toward their goal of opening the shop.

Withrow said most people think of him as a football player and, in his words, perhaps a bit of a "meathead."

He said now fans will get to know this other side of his personality and entrepreneurial spirit.

"To be able to be in something so crafty; it’s always been a passion. To do something the way I’ve always done it – and that’s with everything I have to give," said Withrow. "We just want to serve."

Withrow said he and his wife will work hard to make The King's Craft a special place in Poway -- from the way the shop roasts its coffee to presentation of the drinks.

Once their vision pans out, Withrow said the coffee shop will be a place for patrons to be at peace and refuel.

The former NFL player is already mapping out his next move, too.

Withrow said there is some available space next door to The King's Craft that he would one day like to possibly turn into a wine bar.

Following Friday’s grand opening, The King’s Craft Coffee Co. will be open daily, from 6:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Saturday, and 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. Sunday. For more info, visit the coffee company’s website.

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