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Coronavirus Kicked Them Out of Class, Now It's Kicked Them Off Campus

California universities expedite move-out plans for students

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It just had to be raining.

The gentle San Diego drizzle was the last thing hundreds of San Diego State University students needed Wednesday as they moved out of their university apartments.

The Coronavirus kicked them out of class.  Now the global pandemic was kicking them off campus.

SDSU’s Office for Housing Administration notified students Tuesday that they needed to be out of their apartments the next day by 7 p.m.

I’m not like scared. It just sort of sucks.

Cierra Nash, SDSU Sophomore

“Following the March 16 guidance from the State of California, a number of cities across the state have introduced shelter-in-place mandates. Anticipating that more cities will follow, San Diego State University will need to expedite move-out plans for students this week,” read an email directed at students living on campus.

Jessica Wedworth spent the day packing her Toyota Corolla with everything she owns. She said she was caught off guard.

“They’re like, ‘Look guys, they didn’t tell us anything. We didn’t know this was happening.’  None of our questions were able to get answered,” Wedworth recalled hearing from an apartment manager.

“I’m not like scared. It just sort of sucks,” said Cierra Nash who was soaked after several trips to her car.

“It’s really stressful, especially, of course, because it decided to rain today," she said.

The SDSU email said some students will be allowed to remain on campus for a variety of reasons, including those whose hometowns were already under shelter-in-place orders.

An SDSU spokeswoman said as of Wednesday a majority of students had moved out of their university apartments. She also encouraged all students to access an SDSU website dedicated to coronavirus questions and information.

Dozens of SDSU students packed up their belongings to vacate the university with just days’ notice.
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