Coronavirus Complicates Cool Zones During Heat Advisory

Hot weather expected in San Diego County all week.

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The coronavirus didn’t do anyone looking to escape the heat any favors on Tuesday.

A heat advisory for the eastern side of San Diego County was issued with temperatures hitting triple-digits in some areas. It sent thousands looking for a cooldown.

“We were going to walk elsewhere, and then we decided it was too hot,” Erika Streuer told NBC 7.

Streuer and a friend decided to walk the beach in Del Mar before the day got any hotter. Terry Rusheen, who was in El Cajon, wasn't as fortunate.

‘It’s hot,” Rusheen said with a sigh.

Rusheen and his three exotic birds took shelter underneath the trees outside the El Cajon Library.

“I’m just letting a bird be a bird,” Rusheen said as he lifted orange slices to the birds.

The El Cajon Library is usually one of the “cool zones” advertised for use by the County of San Diego. The library and other “cool zones,” however, are closed because of the coronavirus. NBC 7 contacted the offices of three county supervisors whose districts are in some of San Diego's hotter areas. None of them had a concrete suggestion for helping people cool off.

Rusheen, though, suggested shade and a good spray bottle of water. He spent several minutes spraying himself and his three birds.

The shade wasn’t much relief in Ramona.

“This is nothing,” Lauren Graves said with a chuckle.

Graves said temperatures in the nineties are nothing new in Ramona. She did say, though, that she wished she and her son could cool off faster.

“Definitely pool time, and, unfortunately, that is not happening at this moment,” Graves said, sighing.

The community pool is another casualty of the coronavirus. Graves admitted she was thankful for her air conditioner.

“It’s nice, it’s pleasant,” Graves said. “We haven’t gotten to our heat yet.”

“I am happy I don’t live in Ramona,” said Streuer while standing on the beach. “Which is not to say that Ramona is not a nice town.”

Streuer just likes her temperatures a lot cooler.

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