Coronado Homeowner Recalls Moment Giant Tree Crashed Into Home

A gigantic Torrey Pine tree crashed down on a Coronado home Monday while the homeowner and his wife were watching a baseball game on the television.

“There was a loud noise and the house shook,” Ted Krohn said Tuesday, recalling the moment the tree estimated to be 100-feet tall fell on top of his home.

Krohn and his wife were watching the San Diego Padres game on the television when they heard the tree topple.

“My first thought was earthquake but then it was over so quick,” he said.

The retired U.S. Navy pilot and his wife have lived in the home on Ynez Street for 47 years.

While there is some damage, the home was still intact. Some branches pushed through the roof.

“It’s an absolutely beautiful tree but it was also a very considerate tree,” Krohn said. “It fell just where it had to fall.”

Neighbors stopped by to take a peek at the damage and even snap a picture or two.

“It was its day,” said Coronado resident Jessica Donohue. “Had its time.”

Krohn’s not sure why the massive tree gave way.

“All I can think of was this thing was just so big that it just figured it was time and couldn’t support the weight anymore with the roots,” he said.

One tree removal expert estimated it could take two to three days to clear the tree from the property.

Krohn hopes the tree will provide firewood for at least the next five years or so.

A city employee told NBC 7 the tree was roughly 150 years old.

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